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YouTube Video Downloader Pro is an intuitive application that is especially well suited for grabbing multiple videos in an efficient manner, and it even allows you to convert these to a broad range of other formats. Novice-friendly, unobtrusive video downloader First-time users should find it very easy to get accustomed to this utility, as it enables you to load and save a video with just a few mouse clicks. If you prefer to keep things simple, it is not even necessary to fiddle with any advanced settings. YouTube Video Downloader Pro can be sent to the system tray when not in use, and the optional Drop Box makes it possible to add clips to the processing queue with simple drag and drop actions. Set up complex tasks and download entire playlists Those who need to grab numerous videos should find this program to be particularly useful, as it enables you to add multiple links to the queue and then download them all in one quick operation.
video downloader professional youtube

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video downloader professional youtube

It indicates videos that can be downloaded with a change in its icon so that you know that directly without having to interact with the icon first. It lists multiple versions of a video if available and indicates the quality of the video so that you can make a better decision. While you could infer that from the size of the video as well, it is a useful feature especially if you want to download a version suitable for a specific resolution. The interface is a bit messy as it links to other extensions and asks you to rate the extension.

The extension options are manageable; you may want to open them after installation as you can configure the following preferences: Add 3gp video format to the list of detected formats it detects mp4, flv, mov, avi, wmv, asf, swf, and webm by default.

Change the download trigger from Kilobytes to 1 Megabyte. Enable original file name downloads. Free Video Downloader Free Video Downloader adds an icon to Chrome’s main toolbar during installation that you interact with. It changes the icon whenever videos are detected on the active page. A click on the icon displays the list of videos found on it, and a click on any of the videos listed opens a save prompt.

The extension listed multiple videos sometimes even though these were more or less identical. This happened sometimes but not all the time. Free Video Downloader comes without an options page. Video Downloader Professional Video Downloader Professional is the most popular video downloading extension for Chrome.

It adds an icon to the Chrome toolbar that you interact with. The icon indicates available video content on the active page, and the interface lists all available videos when you click on it.

Video Downloader Professional lists the video format, file name, and size in its interface. A click on the download button starts the download immediately.

One interesting option is the built-in cast option which requires a Chromecast device. Closing Words All three video download extensions for Chrome work well but had occasional issues. It happened, for instance, that Video Downloader Professional would not detect the main video that played on the page, or that the extension would download “fake” videos instead of the real one.

While that does not happen often, you may want to run tests for each of the three extensions to find out which works best for you. Now You: Do you download videos?

Video Downloader Pro

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VIDEO: Video Downloader Professional Youtube

If you want to download videos in Google Chrome, you will find out that you does not permit extensions to support downloading videos from YouTube. Video Downloader Professional lists the video format, file name, and. You can try Video Downloader Professional. It is one of the most popular YouTube video downloader Chrome.

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