Real player 11 free download for windows 7 free

This latest and most exciting update of Realplayer with RealDownloader has a whole new story to tell. Download RealPlayer for PC has evolved into much more than just a media player. It is still the best way to play and manage all of your video content on your PC, download web videos from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo, convert videos to other formats and burn music to a CD. RealPlayer Features: Install the RealPlayer desktop app, and you get an easy, one-click download option appearing at your command whenever you watch streaming video on Fire Fox or Internet Explorer. Then you can download and save videos in your RealPlayer library to watch anytime, or take them on the go with any mobile phone or tablet device with RealTimes!
real player 11 free download for windows 7 free


real player 11 free download for windows 7 free

Review by Frederick Barton on 29 Oct, There are many actions you can perform when it comes to media files and each action requires a different program. For example, if you want to download a video, convert it and play it or share it, you would need two or three separate software. If you are clever, you can use a single application, such as RealPlayer, which covers all these tasks.

It has been on the market since and it continues to be a properly good media player to this day. You should pay attention while going through the setup process. You can opt for a number of additional tools and services, like Google Chrome or Norton Security Scan.

To accept or decline these, you only need to click a check box, but if you click the Next button, without bothering to look at the information displayed on the monitor, you will find other new software on your computer. The software is not a simple media player. It features a media library, burn tools and a built-in web browser as well.

They can be accessed separately by clicking the navigation tabs on the interface’s top edge. Besides videos or music, you can also use the media library to organize your pictures, downloads and recordings and more.

Everything is placed in categories and sub-categories. For example, in the Music category, the files are organized in different folders, according to genre, artist or album. The files themselves, regardless of type and format, are displayed as thumbnails and if you hover with your mouse cursor over them, you will find options for playing, moving, copying or sharing the media. The options are placed in a logical order on the left side of the interface. First you need to specify what type of disk to burn audio, MP3 or data.

The second step is to select what files you want burned. Clicking this option will reveal a compacted version of the media library, in the same area and you can target any file by double clicking it or dragging and dropping it to a list on the main area of the interface. Finally, you can select a burning speed, label it and select other options which you would find in other disk burners as well.

You can surf the web, just like in a web browser or you can access an online guide, where you can find videos placed in different categories. The guide and the web browser can be found under different navigation tabs. The main difference is that you may download a video at any time, even while it is playing, by right clicking it and choosing the download option from the context menu.

When downloading a video, the progress is displayed in a small window and when it is complete, you can use one of the options placed on the bottom edge of this window. These will allow you to jump directly to the media library, where you will find the video or convert all downloaded videos to formats supported by the PC, mobile devices, gaming consoles and more. Also in the downloads window, you can find a series of options, next to each entry, which can be used to convert individual videos or trim them, using a lightweight video editor.

RealPlayer is capable of running a wide variety of media formats. It can also burn them to CDs or DVDs and it comes with its own web browser which can be used to download online videos fast and easy. Organizing files is also an easy and comfortable task, thanks to the well built media library. Some of the software’s functionality is reserved for the paid version.

You don’t need multiple programs to play, convert, download or perform other actions on your media files. RealPlayer lets you execute all these tasks from a single, user friendly interface. You can download RealPlayer free here.

About the author: From gadgets to software. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated RealPlayer 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential Sponsored Links.

RealPlayer SP

If it is your default player, then it will play your DVDs automatically. Due to the fact that Windows Media Player 11 is a Windows application, you will need Windows validation in order to install this application. Is Windows Media Player 11 free? Technically, the software is not free because you are supposed to buy it along with certain Windows packages.

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The latest RealPlayer free download for Windows 7/10 is available now, but is it as good as once we thought it was? The fact is, RealPlayer Download the latest version of RealPlayer or RealTimes and get the latest features! Download web videos and play them offline Download for FREE now.

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