Ms office professional plus 2007

System Requirements Review Microsoft a history of large, successful product development, not only thanks to the Operating Systems they release, but also due to the commercial Office packages. Microsoft Office Professional represents the evolution of the classic way of working, creating innovation with the visual aspect and then charming users with the options and features it offers. The twelfth Office edition appears after a gap of 4 years without any new releases for one of the main Microsoft franchises. With the version, the Redmond Company includes general improvements for all the included applications, as well as some new ones like Groove for the Ultimate version.
ms office professional plus 2007

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ms office professional plus 2007

May 31st, Business Intelligence While it’s great to hold onto software as long as it works for your business, there comes a time where every tool reaches its end of life. We’ve recently discussed what the Windows 7 end of life means for your business, but it’s not the only product that’s about to expire. Microsoft Office will no longer be supported by Microsoft after October 10, This is ten years after its initial release in January of If you’re using Office in your company, let’s review what this means for you and your options for upgrading.

End of Life for Office When Microsoft software reaches the end of its life, it’s effectively a dead product. Thus, after the October date this year, Office won’t receive any feature updates or security patches. In addition to this, Microsoft won’t provide support for questions about Office , or update its online documentation for the product. End of Life is near. Plan now. Malicious software malware can indeed find its way onto computer via Office exploits. Once Microsoft isn’t providing security patches anymore, hackers can analyze the software for vulnerabilities without fear of them being fixed.

Those still working in Office could fall victim to attacks since the software isn’t safe anymore. What Are the Upgrade Options? Microsoft has released several new versions of Office since , so you have multiple options. Office , , and are all available and will have support for longer than Office Office , for instance, will receive support until October 13, The latest version, Office , will see mainstream support in which new features are added until that same date.

It won’t reach its end of life until October 14, , though. While you can purchase a license for Office outright, Microsoft pushes a different option. Office is their subscription plan which has several tiers.

For a set cost per user per month, you can purchase a subscription that includes access to all the latest Office apps. If you like, you can also use Office for your company’s email far better than using personal email accounts through the Office Business Premium plan.

This includes all of the above plus email, Skype for Business, and SharePoint for building internal company websites. It doesn’t make much sense to buy Office right now, since it won’t be supported for much longer.

You could purchase Office outright if you wanted to save money, as it carries a similar feature set to Office If you want to have the cutting-edge version of Office, look into Office For a set cost, you’re guaranteed to always have the latest Office version.

Buying Office outright means that you’ll have to pay for the next version of Office when it arrives. If you’re interested in Office for your business, please view our page on the service for more information and to contact us for a quote. Time to Upgrade It’s a good idea to start upgrading any old copies of Office in your business now.

Aside from the security enhancements, newer versions of Office are better in several ways. They feature better templates for document creation, more features, and user-friendly enhancements.

If Microsoft comes up with an exciting feature, you’ll see it in Office , not While Office might not be as important of an upgrade as Windows, it’s still vital that you don’t have old, insecure versions of the program on your company’s computers. Any weak link like this could be targeted by hackers and used against you. Office could even be the next catalyst for a global ransomware attack like we saw in May. Don’t gamble with the security of your company by using insecure software.

If you know that your business environment has Office present, we can help you upgrade before it’s too late. Contact us today and let’s talk about the best upgrade path for your needs. Share this:

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This is offline installer setup of MS Office for 32 bit and 64 bit. Office Professional: Little Review:

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